• We source only the finest organic and fair trade ingredients.

  • Fine heirloom cacao blended to sweet perfection with raw palm sugar.

  • A wholesome tea blended to create a cleansing detox now available in single servings.

  • A classic indian chai with our favorite spices, Indian darjeeling and hand cut vanilla beans.

  • Organic echinachea being cultivated for one our teas.

  • A collection of delicious cacao blends rich in anti-oxidants and exotic flavors.

  • A Flying Bird favorite made with fine ceylon, garden roses and hand cut vanilla beans.

We are committed to supporting local farmers in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the country. Our organic farmers and wild harvesters supply the freshest, highest quality herbs, creating a naturally superior cup of tea. Drink in the goodness.

Grow something that we use? Curious about wholesale orders?

We believe in building community and feel good knowing that we support the farmers who keep our cups full and our bodies well. Using recipes based upon ancient herbal knowledge and wisdom, our intent is to provide products of comfort, therapy and efficacy all while creating a delicious cup of tea. The difference can be seen, tasted and felt.